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The Untold Truth About Wordpress And Blogger

It's really nice again to be back on this blog today, i have gone too far from posting on regular basis, but now, i am back. Well, i have been busy running, and i believe you know what it means.

The Truth is, I went for a break and also to prepare something new to feed my readers. Believe me, blogging has never been a day job to tackle, and it requires the three essential ingredients to become a successful blogger.

As it is said that there are various ways of blogging, to cut it short, blogging is very interesting when you understand its logics.

In today's post, you will get to know the untold truth about wordpress and blogger blogging platform. No doubts, the age of blogging is rapidly growing very fast and 70% of Internet users are into blogging.

On the other side of the story, there are advantage and disadvantages of blogging and also on the aspect of choosing a hosting platform.
Nowadays, blog owners turned their passion into a money making community where they no longer have value for their blog in posting something informative. Instead, they now take it un serious.

This has pollute the minds of those who are new into blogging to give their attention on making money, instead of sharing their passion.

Generally, if you are new into blogging or wish to start a blog, you will receive random suggestions from professional bloggers or web developers suggesting you to choose from a preferred blogging platform either free or paid. And you can also hire them to build and design the blog for you and pay them, that's if you can't do it your self.

My Point Is:

The unfair part of the story is when they don't give you a clear description of what you are about to start, and the advantages and disadvantages of the blog platform.

Either in good or bad, some of their interest is for you to hire them and pay them without leaving a short description of how the platform works.

They are various ways to start and host a blog, it can either be on a free or paid host. And there is always an attached Achilles heel on the side of it.

Read - The True Purpose Of Blogging.

Before starting a blog, questions like:
Why do i want to blog, what are my reasons for blogging, those should be a must asked question at the back of your mind.

And before choosing a blogging platform, you have to think about what you want before you end up choosing wrongly, that's number one thing to think of.

Choosing a blog platform is one important features to apply before thinking about blogging. And also, it will be better to tutor yourself with basic coding skill and other tools required for blogging.

Both blogger and wordpress are free blogging platform, both with different features, function, advantages and disadvantages. If you don't have any penny to start a blog, there are other platform that offers blogging for free at no cost.

The Difference Is:


Blogger is totally a free blogging platform where even if you don't have any penny to start a career as a blogger, it is always a great start for beginners at no cost but with limits. Since its own by Google, you can't go beyond some limits of usage.

The Features Are:

- Availability To Use Thousands Of Template, Both Free And Paid.

- Since It's Hosted By Google, It Is SEO - SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Friendly.

- A Storage Space Of 15GB And Unlimited Bandwidth For Posting.

- Creation Of Multiple Blog On One Google Account.

- Allowed To Use A Domain, Both Free And Custom Domains...ETC.

Advantages Are:

Your blog is hosted on the server for as long as you want, unless you move or delete the blog.
You can add a custom domain name into their sub domain extension - the, that's if you wish not to use it.

You can earn rapidly from it, base on your hard works.

You are free to select a template on the blogger dashboard or customise your own design from scratch.

You can automatically share your blog post to Google+ community readers and other social platform.

You blog is highly protected from any incoming attacks from hackers or errors.
It is very easy to use.

Disadvantages Are:

- You have less control of your blog, as in you are not fully in charge of your blog, which means it can be dis enable or shut down at anytime.

- If you are not technically advance on SEO - Search Engine Optimization, you will have issues on search results, ranking and other related issues.

- It is not mobile friendly on low ended devices and loads slowly.

- It has limited features and not updated.

In other words, blogger is highly recommended for those that are new into blogging and for them to learn and understand the basics of blogging. Also, you can be a successful blogger on the platform.


Wordpress is one of the best when it comes to blogging and yes it also offers free hosting but will less features, that is why it is best suitable for premium hosting. Since it is an open source system built with a CMS - Content Management System.

It is highly rich with standard and professional features. It is best recommended for advanced bloggers and those who can maintain it, wordpress is popular and mostly used for blogging, and more SEO friendly.

Before choosing this platform, you need to be advance in your coding skill, SEO techniques, security and enough money to maintain your hosting and domain.

Believe me, if you don't have enough money and not good at the platform, you will never enjoy blogging, that is why wordpress is always recommended for those who can afford it.

The Features Are:

- Thousands of free and paid theme are available for use.

- SEO tools are available.

- It has forum features.

- Both free and paid domain are available for use.

- Admin panel is available.

- Supports plug ins.

Advantages Are:

- Your hosting provider serves you with unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth, base on the hosting plan you purchase.

- Your visitors can register and sign up on your blog to get daily feeds and updates from your blog.

- It is very sensitive on search result and 80% SEO friendly to search engine.

- You are in full control of your blog and can do what you wish to do with it.

- It is simple, fast and mobile friendly on low ended devices.

Disadvantages Are:

- You blog may suffer from h**k attacks, that's if you don't protect your blog well.

- Not updated plug ins is filled with bugs and may affect your blog behaviour.

- It requires security and maintainence to keep your blog running.

- Once your hosting plan expires, you blog will be disable.

Like I said earlier, if you not advanced with coding, you may end up having issues with your blog.

In other words, wordpress is recommend for those who are advance in coding, technically advanced in SEO and have enough funds to pay for their hosting.

Wordpress is a no go zone if you don't contain any of the above words, and if you are not ready to use this platform, please don't jump into it.

In Conclusion:

There are other blogging CMS available for use. But popularly, wordpress and blogger are the most commonly used platform for blogging.
If you want to venture into blogging, please don't rush into it. Instead, invest your time and attention on reading, watching, and practising tutorial on how to start a blog.

And if you are new into blogging, you can setup a basic blog on blogger platform and when you might have understand how blogging works, advanced yourself on SEO, coding skill, security, and when you have enough cash on you, you are free to move your blog to the next level or go for a premium host, and if you are hard working and serious enough, you will become successful.

In addition, don't let anyone decide for you, make your own choices so that you will enjoy what you are doing and if you let anyone choose for you, you might end up regretting later.

Everyone has his or her own teacher within. In what i have stated above and below, you should now decide for yourself and know your wants and what you have to start your blog career, and if you wish to setup a blog or have any questions to ask, you leave a comment below.


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