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Today's Inspirational Quote


True Beauty, Maturity, Character And Trust Are In Ones Mind, It Is Embedded Within The Brain...Find, Observe, And Train Them, Apply All Essential Ingredients Of The 3 Ps - Patience - Principle - Passion, When The Time Comes, They Will Support, Protect And Guide You At Any Point Of Time In Your Life - ELsMB.


Every Suffering Has An Expiring Dating, Be Patiences, It Only Last For A While - ELsMB.

The Untold Truth About Wordpress And Blogger

It's really nice again to be back on this blog today, i have gone too far from posting on regular basis, but now, i am back. Well, i have been busy running, and i believe you know what it means.

The Truth is, I went for a break and also to prepare something new to feed my readers. Believe me, blogging has never been a day job to tackle, and it requires the three essential ingredients to become a successful blogger.

As it is said that there are various ways of blogging, to cut it short, blogging is very interesting when you understand its logics.

In today's post, you will get to know the untold truth about wordpress and blogger blogging platform. No doubts, the age of blogging is rapidly growing very fast and 70% of Internet users are into blogging.

On the other side of the story, there are advantage and disadvantages of blogging and also on the aspect of choosing a hosting platform.
Nowadays, blog owners turned their passion into a money making community where they no longer…