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The Life Of A Responsible Man

A responsible man is the one who loves, care and provide for his families no matter how hard the situation may be, he faces a lot of challenges in life in other for him to keep his title as a man. As the day goes by, he struggles so hard to fix problems within him.

Nowadays, the statistical aspect of a responsible man is evolving, changing every thinking and responsibility as a man which has also affected their brotherhood in general.

Many families today are broken due to the lack of the man's immature, irresponsible, and the unavailability duties to his families. Mostly, the problems are infidelity or insufficient ways for income.

As a responsible man, it is your duty to get a job or business doing for the availability of income in other to avoid any further problems in the future and also for a better, peaceful and happy family. It is also a must responsibility for a man to give listening ears, attention and support to his children.

The journey of a responsible man is like an adventurous task filled with outstanding obstacles in every step he takes, as he journeys continuously, he will fall and get wounded along the line, and at the end of his journey, is either he made it successfully to his destination or he failed.

Before been called a responsible man you must be ready to journey into the bad lands. In fact, you will need to shield your self with weapons, maps, foods, strength and the ability to overcome any obstacle that may come your way. Also note that, this journey is not meant for lazy, unprepared and immature minds.
The Truth Is:

Every man has his own opinion, ways and state of reasoning before thinking of making a lip, the mistakes of modern men today are the lack of using his knowledge before jumping into his wants.

Before taking a lip of faith into the journey of life, a man should make a sketch of how he wants to live his life and also put God first in every step he takes, that alone will guide him into the success of life.

Another common mistake a man makes is to marry a woman he is not enriched to take care of as a wife, believe me, it will be a waste of time to marry a woman when you are not financially stable. It is also bad to be in this state and impregnate the innocent woman when you are not ready to take responsibilities. You married her for a purpose and not for her to suffer in the name of love, Believe it or not, a woman who can not endure for too long may call it a day or leave you for someone else due to your immature mind of taking the responsibilities.

Here Is What To Do:

In other to live a happier lifestyle as a man. Keep and quote this at the center of your mind.

"No Man Is A Failure Who Uses His Knowledge Wisely And Also Put God First In Every Situation".

Before taking a step into the street life, make a plan of how you want to live, struggle, earn, and survive. Always remember that life is temporary nothing, meaning is vanity.

It will be better to earn little from the life and do something big with it, it can either be a good job or business, also, don't forget to pay your tithe for more open doors.


Mapping a good structure of your life and putting it into practice will impact and build a bound of success in your life.

Now, it is time to think about getting your own family...First, build your own apartment and make provision of the kind of woman you wish to have as wife, always remember to choose wisely.

After the marriage, discuss with her on the number of children you wish to have in other for a well constructed family. After all that, it is now to prove how responsible and mature you are to build your happy home and to be called a man.

Also, learn to understand, share, and be open to your wife if she's the loyal, faithful, understanding, and humble type. It helps build a bound of love and also a happy home.

After many years of accomplishing the success of becoming a man in training and supporting the family, it is now time to show your children the steps of becoming something useful in life.


Training A Child In The Ways And Steps Of God Is A Must Duty To Take, So That When He Or She Grows Up, They Will Never Depart From It And Also Showcase This Feature To Their Unborn Childrens

Without the knowledge of your wife, children or anyone. prepare a special and hidden place to store a specific amount of money in separate form, and paste a sum of half a million or either more or less, depending the number of your children.


If you are in a critical situation or at the point of leaving the world. Write a short note or make a short video clip explaining every details of the money you hide, if possible, you can tell your wife about it or someone you trust 101 percent.

After many years of struggling and hardship, it will be time for you to retire from your job or business and think of something else to do. If possible, it will be better to give a full attention to your creator - God.

After many years training and guiding your children on how to live their lives, they are now grown and mature enough to get started with life. Now is the time to gather and discuss with them on how they want to make use their lives, and after listening to their mindset, it will be better to give them your own suggestion in other for them to be successful and when the time comes for them to start their own journey of life, give them the tools they need to work with.

Secret is always where it is meant to be. At this point, you should know it's about time to give them the package you have been hiding for a long time, and it will be better to give them by surprise in other to avoid misunderstanding among themselves and also guide them on how to use it well. This alone will build a foundation and a generation of love, peace, and unity among the unborn ones.
In Conclusion:

Every man needs to achieve the success of becoming a useful creature in the sight of every living kind in other for them to capture his footsteps of becoming useful features.

Also remember that God is the only way of achieving success in life and without his presence, everything becomes useless.


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