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Guides For Dating Couples

Dating is as sweet as anything when love is found in the sight of someone who really have same feelings for you and the both of you are moving in the fast lane of love, that's true friendship.

In the other way round, dating can also be a complex and complicating situation when you found yourself dating someone who is not connected to you or have no feelings, all you see are his or her appearance. believe me, it will be very difficult for it to work.

At the beginning of dating someone, it is always filled with the sweetness of love, but after getting to some limit, it fades along the line and that determines either the both couple will move on with their relationship, or call it a day.

The Truth Is:

One needs to understand his or her purpose of dating and why you are into it, mostly, people date in the name of love, while others date for the pleasure or for the game.

Note That, dating is not a use and dump affair where you take someone's mind as a public toilet. it is only meant for those who are mature and responsible enough to tackle with their relationship.

In the beginning, dating has always been a very good courtship between two individuals, it is a trial to know how ready his or she is to tackle with their marriage life and how far it will go.

In a normal state, there are always outstanding challenges when dating someone and if the mind is not strong, or mature enough, the friendship will end instantly without giving you a second chance of trial.

dating someone requires sacrifice, facing harmful obstacles, and broken bridges to fix,

Imagine after many years of dating and along the line you gave up, that means  you are immature to bare its problems on your shoulders.

The purpose of dating is love, understanding and sacrifice, it also requires ones mind to be mature in other for it to grow, and if you are dating someone, let it be for the love and who he or she is, not for the game, money or pleasure.

Never date someone who is attracted to your looks or with the shape of you, believe me, it will be a waste of time having fake feelings for someone who doesn't deserve it, be patience to wait for the one who will love you without border and not how you look.

Many started dating at an early age and got married, while others found themselves into it all in the name of love, love can be found in a hopeless place, only by fate determines how the love will be. Nowadays, dating is over emphasized due to its evolvement leading two couples into crisis and broken relationship.

Mostly, it is well known that women are commonly heart broken due to their fragile and easy going mind when falling for the words of a man and later realizing that it was all a blank, leading them into a rogue state of thinking and are likely to do something illegal. If as a man dating a woman for many years and later call it a day, believe me, she will cause you and it shall be your portion, say amen.

Here Is What To Do, Before Jumping Into A Date With Someone.

First, ask yourself this question, Am I Ready To Date...Why Do I Want To Date?...this are common questions every dating applicant should ask within themselves.

In A Paragraph Above, it was well stated that most people just date for the pleasure or the game. while others are for the love. If you are in between the first paragraph, it means you are not prepared.

One needs to understand the true definition of love which should be at the center of your mind and also be put into practice in other to guide you on which path to take either in good or bad situation. In other words, when you let love lead the way, no form of any obstacle can stop your friendship from growing,

Zero your mind from any negative thoughts, and your purpose of dating that person should be in the name of love and let it be beautiful.

Lastly, if you are dating a stranger, he or she must be well known and understand each other before anything else, always love and support each other in all cost and any point of time, and if the knot is well tighten and moving well, you can take a further step into the courtship of marriage.

In Conclusion:

Always remember that Dating is a trial, and think wisely before choosing your partner in other to avoid any regrets in the future. If possible, study his or her lifestyle, character, and ways of living in other to know if you are compatible to tackle with the friendship, and if you cant, you should know what to do.


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