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The True Purpose Of Blogging

Blogging today has grown rapidly fast where thousands of people are so passionate of sharing their creativity. 

Blogging is an open source for sharing ones knowledge on a specific reason, it can be sharing true life stories, one's hubby, entertainment or either for fun. 

Nowadays in the sphere of blogging, 95 percent of bloggers focus their attention on making money from their blog, while others focus on the sharing aspect of useful information in other to help solve certain problems.

Globally, thousands of people today in the world are rapidly joining the community of bloggers, increasing it's size and growth so fast.

The daily increase of new bloggers has changed and also affect the weather climate of blogging poisoning the mindset of upcoming bloggers to give their attention for money leading them to exchange the creativity they posses for the love of money,  without notice, it has destroys and  affect them.

Blogging is a free platform of sharing ones mind freely. It requires passion, patience, attention and time. impatience, laziness, and lack of hard works are seen as a waste of time in the sphere of blogging.

One needs to apply the format of passion in other to build a relationship between the readers giving them the very possible attention they require to get from you, within a short time your progress in blogging will grow well. 

Note That:

Anything that will last longer, takes long. be patience in all what you do, Even a true farmer understand the needs of being patient supporting it with the laws of growth in knowing the time for seeding and harvesting. 

Growth is in inches and not in meters,  the higher it wish to go, the deeper down it must get. don't be in a hurry to see instant growth because you will all be disappointed. 

Have the patience to watch things grow, if you cant, it means you lack understanding. Even if you want profit, be patience, it's a principle, and never be decide or let anyone rush you into their own timeline of success, it destroys. 

A true blogger zero off his or her mind from making money on their blog. Instead, they take their time on writing something informative to heal the wounded part of the world, please note that.

Upcoming bloggers should blindfold the negative thinking's of their mind from getting the attention of making instant money from blogging. Instead, share out your knowledge of creativity in other to become a scriptural features in the sight of your own kinds.

Nothing is more greater than telling the truth you speak, it's like bringing out the original copy of your true self for others to capture the structure of you in becoming useful creatures in the future. Doing that alone will rewrite the history of man and the things within him.

Take a look at the era of blogging today, you will notice it is mostly crowded with entertainments and has risen lots of false messages among individuals. Some focus on the sharing gossips, gist, trending music and videos, while others focus on the sharing of news, stories, and educational information.

The Truth Is:

People nowadays are searching for transformation in other for them to grow, imagine someone reading your blog contents with the hope of feeding their minds with something to enlighten them of becoming useful beings but later realized that your content added no value in them, believe me, in t will pollute their sense of reasoning leading into a confused state. Why do you think people suffers today? it is the lack of support that prevents them from growing and has made them remain where they are today. 

When you cook a blog with informative contents it will help build a strong foundation within your readers and also spreading your messages around the world.


The only way to better up the community of blogging, one needs to generate the habit of writing something unique in other to share it with their readers and also help in solve certain problems among individuals.

Today, i urge every site, forum and blog owners and also online content writers to be original in writing and sharing informative topics that may help in one way or the other. my reference is to those who are popular and has been into online writing for years, other bloggers both new and old should take note of it.

In Conclusion

if this act is been conducted, believe me, every living being will have a story to tell and the future of the unborn ones will be in a perfected state, living in a world of free men.


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